Amabile Jewels: a Successful Case History

A female business project that was born on Instagram, then landed on TikTok and subsequently in a physical pop-up, increasing its turnover more than tenfold in just four years

  • Martina Strazzer

    Martina Strazzer

We are not so used to seeing entrepreneurial successes that first exploded on social media and then landed in the brick-and-mortar universe, albeit in a pop-up version. But reality requires us to shift our binoculars because this is the only way we can understand the genesis of a success like that of Martina Strazzer, deus ex machina of the silver and gold-plated jewelry brand Amabile Jewels, launched in 2020. The turnover figures for the first four years already say it all: in 2020, 65,000 euros; in 2021, 350,000; in 2022, 4 million; with 2023 expected to close at 10 million. How do you achieve such an important goal? But above all, what is the winning card that conquers the public and creates a community of fans through a channel like TikTok? «Take away the meaning of jewelry, of a mere object that you buy. I didn't want yet another product to sell because ours is an object-saturated generation with a thousand options and choices (Amabile Jewels' target audience ranges from 18 to 35). We needed to get off this track and try to link an emotional value to a single piece of jewelry that would be stronger than the object itself. That is why I have always tried to give the collection a meaning because, whoever wants an Amabile jewel, must sense the message, the emotional value that the piece represents. And then jewelry meant that I didn’t need a warehouse; I couldn't afford large spaces and extra costs, and that was also one of the reasons that pushed me towards jewelry-making. The work we do on TikTok is a key driver especially because of the communication route. Every monthly collection launch, apart from the continuous and more iconic lines like Lovli, is previewed by videos on Tik- Tok to explain the meaning. With one of the latest projects for example, the Amore Dannoso collection, we did a great job of raising awareness, explaining the meaning of all the jewelry symbols that trace the path of victims of physical or psychological violence. The feedback we got was ultra-high because, unfortunately, those who relate to them have been through something they should never have experienced.» Martina Strazzer, after having achieved these incredible goals thanks to social media (“the mechanism” began with Martina's videos on TikTok in which she wore the jewelry and from there, followers were directed to Instagram and the website for sales), is now aiming at distribution through physical channels, retailers and the opening of stores in Italy and abroad in order to bring the public ever closer to her jewelry world. Amabile Jewels now boasts a predominantly female team of around 40 young people under 30, which boosts the company's spirit of female empowerment and commitment to social issues, such as mental health and body positivity, which are then brought to life through dedicated collections. From the first pieces handcrafted one by one in Italy, Martina Strazzer now runs a company with production premises in three areas of the world: Italy, Asia and South America. «Because in the end,» Martina concludes, «you take what you have and look for a way to make it work.»

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