Dalì and Palladio: Masters of Culture in Vicenza

Sculptures in the city center and the Museo del Gioiello and jewels inside the trade fair. Beniamino Levi, president of Dalí Universe, discusses important events that will create a dialogue among works by Salvador Dalí and Andrea Palladio.

«The Dalí exhibition in Vicenza marks the coming together of two important artists – Dalí and Palladio - in the history of art, two eminent figures that brought a lot to western culture. Salvador Dalí was a friend of mine, and knowing him and his personality well, I’m sure that seeing his pieces on display in Vicenza in spaces that have the everlasting mark of Palladio, one of the greatest architects in history, would be something pleasantly surrealist for Dalí. Dalí’s monumental statues are to be displayed throughout the city - the “Space Elephant” near the Torre Bissara, the “Space Venus” near the Teatro Olimpico, and the “Monumental Clock,” which after the show will move to the historic center. These pieces are a great representation of past and present in art, from Palladio’s genius sense of architecture to Dalí’s one-of-a-kind surreal view of reality. What’s more, thanks to IEG’s collaboration with Golden Arts, visitors to the Vicenzaoro show can admire the jewels inspired by major works by Salvador Dalí, very much representing his artistic versatility. While he is known by most as an excellent painter, he was actually a versatile artist with so many interests. He used his brilliance to make works in glass and crystal, furnishings, jewels and, most especially, bronze sculptures. His art came about from whatever tools he had available. The show in Vicenza will be important for educating people about his creative endeavors beyond painting». In addition to this creative itinerary throughout the city, a selection of original precious sculptures will be on display at the Museo del Gioiello from Sept. 7 to Jan. 26, 2020.

  • Space Venus, 1977.

    Space Venus, 1977.

Art is Around

Three days rich in events of all types. VIOFF Golden Arts, Vicenzaoro’s Fuori Fiera from 6-8 September is dedicated to art tout court

Dalí’s sculptures are everywhere. At the fair, at the Jewelry Museum and on the streets of the historic center. There’s dance too, by prima ballerinas and soloists from the Teatro La Scala in Milan. There’s also music from the “Vicenza in Lirica” festival, which is running at the Teatro Olimpico and at the Gallerie d’Italia Palazzo Leoni Montanari. There are artisanal workshops and green areas with ad-hoc itineraries as well as guided tours of the city with an underground view. And the show “Dedalo Minosse” set up in architect Carlo Scarpa’s apartment, is dedicated to various crafts, from furnishings to jewelry. VIOFF, a partnership between the city of Vicenza and IEG, is all this and much more, for a three-day full immersion in the world of art tout court.

  • Adam and Eve, 1968.

    Adam and Eve, 1968.

  • Lady Godiva, 1976.

    Lady Godiva, 1976.

  • The Triumph Elephant, 1975

    The Triumph Elephant, 1975

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