De Simone's family and the Turquoise Trend

Fiammetta De Simone says the best come from Arizona. She should know, she takes one-of-a-kind family pieces around the world from Torre del Greco with her brothers Michele and Massimo

How are the De Simone creations conceived?
Since 1855, we have been dedicated to coral, turquoise and pearl jewelry. At that time, coral was heavily considered an Italian souvenir. Then, in the early 1900s, Deco by Cartier appeared on the scene, with its interesting cuts, but it was still a niche market. Today, we make one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the raw materials, which give us input for a certain type of design. At the beginning of the year, we establish style guidelines, but in general we start with women with strong personalities. If we had to specify what we leaned towards, it would definitely be our love of color and knowing how to venture pairings of coral or turquoise with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. 

What’s the latest for this edition? 
Because of the boom of requests for turquoise, we created Butterfly, a very important collection that aims to become a contemporary classic that exalts the color of turquoise, strictly from Arizona, perfect or imperfect, and with simple but very updated cuts, paired with white gold and diamonds. From Mylady, an existing line, we are bringing two fabulous necklaces, one in pink coral, emeralds, pink sapphires and diamonds and one in red coral, diamonds and rubies, true masterpieces of skill for the mounting, which is completely hinged. And it took us six months just to choose the coral!

Do you have any feedback for VICENZAORO?
We’ve been participating for over ten years and we’ve witnessed its transformation into a Boutique Show. The division into districts allows us to create more relationships in terms of quantity and quality. We are in ICON, aiming for market niches and exclusive, non-standard products. It is even easier for buyers to find new products they might have never imagined finding. What we see now is a true widespread sense of Italianness, of order, of care in the showcases and in the exhibition. We participate in other international fairs, but here, we are proud to be part of a system, that of VICENZAORO, the model of Italian lifestyle in the world.

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