Dodo Turns 25th with a New Knot

On the occasion of its Salone del Mobile, Dodo presents the celebratory collection "Nodo", in collaboration with the Chinese-American artist Windy Chien

  • Windy Chien and the Dodo Knot

    Windy Chien and the Dodo Knot

Dodo's DNA is further strengthened in the celebration of its first 25 years, presenting a new collection that remains faithful to its most iconic design: the knot. A complete collection of pendants, bracelets and rings with volumes and shiny proportions, made of 100% responsible gold, found through the Kering Responsible Gold Framework and extracted from certified mines, which comply with international standards on transparency and traceability of raw material. A collection in 9-carat rose gold and 18-carat white gold that revisits a historic icon of the brand, replaces the traditional core with a black, burgundy, gray, and mocha leather, wrapping around the wrist in three tight turns, with a bejewelled closure. The knot remains a reminder of the origins, of the Milanese identity of the brand which, through its form, becomes once again the active bearer of messages of union, eternity, luck and eternal love, with the claims: What are you tied to ?, Why Knot?, and Stronger Together. To strengthen this anniversary, is the partnership with the Chinese-American artist Windy Chien who, for the occasion, creates an oval spectrum made up of hundreds of rope knots, in different sizes and degrading colors, placed on a white canvas panel, in the background of the Corso Matteotti windows, around the emblematic red knot of Dodo. The artist Windy Chien creates art forms that activate space, enhance the common language and investigate the meaning of the straight line. It is best known for its "year of knots", 2016, during which the artist has learned to make a new knot for every day of the year, ranging from small knots, which can be held in the palm of a hand of a child, with large-scale installation nodes, appreciated by collectors from all over the world. Until May 23, the same background, declined in an alternative version with off-white cotton knots and the central node in red satin cord, will decorate all the windows of the Dodo flagship stores around the world, further strengthening the message "stronger together" . In Milan, from Tuesday 9 April, in the Corso Matteotti boutique.

We met Windy Chien during the Milan Design Week at Dodo's 25th celebration in its boutique in Corso Matteotti.

Windy, why did you choose the knot as main symbol of your art? What does it represent to you?
Knots look simple, but they have many layers of complexity. They are perfectly-engineered objects, each with a single, specific function. They are important historical objects that have been used for hundreds of years. Third, they are a language —the language of knots— spoken by sailors and farmers and craftspeople all over the world, regardless of which country or continent they live. They are the tools of my art, and what I bring to the intersection of function, science, history, and language is aesthetics. My goal is to show the journey of a line through the knot. 

What are the main links between art and jewelry? Is it your first time you work in partnership with a jewelry brand?
Art tells a story. It communicates a message from the artist to the viewer. In the same way, jewelry also tells a story. Perhaps it is a story we tell ourselves, or from one person to another. It speaks about values and it symbolizes emotion.

The smallest and the biggest knot you have realized?
The easiest, most simple knot is the Overhand Knot - everyone knows it, and it is the first step when we tie our shoes. 

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