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Gala Rotelli Presents Naturalia at the Design Garden

Jewels inspired by nature at Milan Design Week. In the area of piazza Cadorna, the collective Design Garden hosts objects and jewels that celebrate the organic forms of the world of nature.

In the 5-Vie circuit, the collective Design Garden opens its doors, bringing together design, art and jewelry in the name of nature. For Gala Rotelli, a young Milanese jewelry designer, the idea is declined with a series of pieces inspired by the leaves, in the new collection "Naturalia". Leaves that interpret the unexpected details of the great works of art of the 20th century, from the water lilies of Claude Monet, to the flowers by Andy Warhol and the vegetation of Botticelli, in bronze, silver and enamels. They take shape from a painting to then turn into jewelry. The details thus become the protagonists of a collection that is almost a poem and, through the use of 3D modeling, resin printing, and subsequent retouching by hand, it combines the millenary goldsmith tradition with the most innovative technologies. A new way to bring the beauty of poetry into everyday life. The Design Garden exhibition will also feature BAM - metal craft workshop -, Creative el Vision, Margherita Fanti, Piero Mollica, Daniela Evangelisti. The exhibition is curated by The Stylist's Wardrobe and the curators Marta Massara and Elisabetta Scantaburlo and will be held in Via San Nicolao 5, from 9 to 13 April.

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