Gannon Brousseau and The American Dream

In 2019, VICENZAORO will be strengthening its position in Las Vegas to partner Emerald Exposition LCC in the launching of the new Premier exhibition project and by landing at The Couture Show

Visiting VicenzaOro September, Gannon Brousseau, Senior Vice President Creative Jewelry, The Couture Show, gave us an update about the new exhibition format Pre- mier, planned to be launched from May 30st to June 3rd. 

We spoke about the partnership between IEG and Emerald Exposition LCC (EEX) last June. Can you give us more details about this new project?
Since we announced the launch of Premier, and the subsequent part- nership with IEG Italian Exhibition Group, we’ve been actively selling booth spaces at the show. We’re being very mindful about how we curate the show, ensuring that the designers, brands and manufacturers who are signing on with us are appropriately positioned, and that their booth space, layout and de- sign meet the needs of their businesses. As a group, we are committed to not just selling booth space, but to providing an environment and experience that helps foster the success of our exhibitors, while also meeting the complex needs of our retail partners. The response to the event has been fantastic and between the three co-located events - AGTA, Las Vegas. Antique and Premier - there are nearly 500 companies and 1,000 booths al- ready committed to what we are creating at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

VICENZAORO is always a great International hub for scouting and to exhibition offers. What about your visit here at this edition?
I’m always thrilled to attend VICENZAORO! This event has such incredible energy, and the breadth of designs I have the op- portunity to see is truly remarkable. I al- ways look forward to reconnect with old friends who animate the international parterre and to become acquainted with new brands who are at the forefront of jewelry design and manufacturing. There is such an International feel that makes this Show lively and stimulating. 

Are you looking for something special going around the Halls?
I like to take it all in! There’s something to enjoy in every hall with its distinct personality and the inspiration it provides. With the num- ber of shows our group oversees in the US, namely Couture, JA New York and Premier, it’s a great opportunity to scout prospective partners across the board. The large style o ers I see here, are representative of the worldwide jewelry pan- orama. Italy has such a strong-tradition of being trailblazers in jewelry design and manufacturing, while also main- taining a strong-hold on traditional techniques and craftsmanship. 

What do American buyers look for in the Italian jewelry market?
Are they more towards classic pieces or do they expect even a more challeng- ing style from the Italy companies? I think that Americans in general truly re- vere Italian design and craftsmanship. Historically, Italy and Italian design- ers, have a long-standing reputation for being at the forefront of new design and manufacturing techniques, but there is also a deep-seeded appreciation and respect for traditional craftsmanship in everything that they produce. So while many American buyers look to the Ital- ian market for those classic pieces that Italy is so exalted for, they’re also gen- erally very curious as to what’s new and exciting, knowing that what they see here will, in many ways, establish a precedent for years to come.

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