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J.Vair Anderson Jewellers, Marissa Collection, Betteridge

- Canada, Calgary

"Where Calgary gets engaged". The market for "engagement" jewelry is a world of its own, in Canada as well as in the United States. And J. Vair Anderson has turned it into a company within the company, with lines dedicated to engagement and wedding rings. This is just one of the latest evolutionary steps of a boutique founded nine decades ago, and which today knows how to alternate the technicolor luxury of Wellendorf collections with the elegance of Mikimoto pearls.

Marissa Collections - Florida, Naples

«Clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes, all strictly handmade. That’s the beginning of Marissa Collections story in 1975. The idea of the custom-made is still the heart of our concept today. Although evolved in form. For example, the idea of tailor-made jewelry is now interpreted by independent designers, including some Italian. Mattia Cielo, Federica Rettore, Mariani, just to name a few. Our customers, mostly local in an age range from 25 to 85 years, do above all appreciate its wearability, a very important factor in contemporary jewels, whether they cost $ 10,000, or $ 5,000. These are the price ranges that mark the offline and online bestsellers respectively. Online sales are equal to 15% of the total.»

Betteridge - Colorado, Aspen 

Since 1897. The sign of this boutique in the center of Aspen reads this way, introducing a classic successful American-style family story, now also present in Greenwich, Palm Beach and Vail. You come to Betteridge for two reasons: to get one of the great highend classics, whether it may be watchmaking or jewelry, or to discover the independent designer who will prove to be a good investment tomorrow. So, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Buccellati, Bulgari, David Webb and Verdura on the one hand, and collections by Paul Morelli, Paolo Costagli, Mimi So, Seaman Schepps and Trianon, along with exclusive pieces "Made for Betteridge" on the other. In the middle, Leo Pizzo, Vhernier and Marco Bicego, representing the well-made in Italy that is so much beloved by people here.



Illustrations by Francesca Arena 

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