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Code words: internationalization, trend previews and sustainable creativity. These are the mainstays on which VICENZAORO leans and Marco Carniello, Jewellery & Fashion Division Director of Italian Exhibition Group, explains them through a timely analysis

Let’s start with VICENZAORO’s international côté. A strategy that will be strengthened further with several significant new entries in 2019. Internationalization has featured in every edition of VICENZAORO. The choice of a specific theme, this year “sustainable creativity”, is intended to make the Show into a cultural hub for all the international operators, a global and non country-specific discussion platform. And, in order to always be more attractive to a public that stretches way beyond Italy, it is at VICENZAORO that everybody comes, to nd out what is going to happen in the jewelry world, to discover the new collections, the market trends, the retail innovations, the gems and the consumer’s behaviour. 

A Show in the name of sustainable creativity, previews and communities. Visio.Next Summit on sustainable creativity will start the ball rolling at this edition of VICENZAORO January. It dictates the Show’s theme, which we want to share with all the exhibitors. We are an “industry expert,” we look into the details of the sector, which is why we segment the o er. In this way, it will be always closer to real distribution and consumer’s habi. The creation of a number of communities, such as the FASHION ROOM, a new entry in January, comes exactly from having identi ed a consumer need, in this case, for beautiful, best price, costume jewelry sold in jewelry stores. The latest ideas and trends are presented at VICENZAORO before anywhere else. And to reinforce this initiative, together with sector categories, we will be launching the #primavicenzaoro hashtag. All activities linked to buyers, including incoming programs and hospitality, both in Vicenza and Venice, are in collaboration with category associations and aim to strengthen the experience of a world that does business in a favorable context.

May will see the curtain going up on Premier. How will you be tak- ing Italy to Las Vegas? When we go abroad, we are at the service of the Italian production chain. We are building an Italian Premier, a matchmaking area to create and guide moments of encounter between Italian supply and American demand. Appointments have already been arranged, through the MeetItaly initiative, in order to get business started, to understand which products the American buyers are inter- ested in and, therefore, to allow the Italian exhibitors to prepare themselves for the appointment. We are particularly addressing all the me- dium-small companies that are turning towards the USA market for the first time and, being in the early-stages, do not yet have consolidated distribution. We no longer want to see a “bazaar-style” show, we want a smart event. We will not be counting on volumes or quantity but on the quality of the matchmaking and the event.

Let’s go back to internationalization and talk about China. Can you give us some insight into the opportunities for Italian companies? I’ll begin with a number just to give an idea of the striking growth: pro-capita jewelry consumption in China is now one fth of that of America and one third of that of Japan. But an even more relevant element is that this consumption is no longer connected to quantity or investment, but to quality. The Chinese people are now approaching a westernized concept of “self-decoration” with attention to brands that are not just “major”. They are also looking for small brands with a story to tell whose prices are set regardless of the quantity of gold. The real issue is linked to distribution and the presence of many chains that sell Made in China jewelry. With the evolution of physical retail, the lowering of import taxes and a new consumer model, many opportunities will open up for Italian companies and we are already expecting to see an increase in buyers from China at VICENZAORO January. I would, however, like to point out that the Middle East is becoming an increasingly strategic market for us with the event in Dubai – VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show – and India, which is expanding extremely fast, will also be important in the future.

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