Luxanty: The Network Marketing for Fashionistas

A radical evolution that the global market has recently undergone: from craftsmen to stores to online sales

The entrepreneurial journey of Giovanni and Laura Di Gregorio has integrated, in just ten years, production and sales methods on all sides of the spectrum, a sort of paradigm of the radical evolution that the global market has recently undergone: from craftsmen to stores to online sales. «Our first adventure in jewelry started with our firm desire to bring back that avantgarde spirit with which his grandfather laid the foundation, in Trapani, which seemed resistant to the creation of an important company. But he succeeded in doing so, and in many sectors, starting from jewelry» explains Laura detailing today and the past. «At first, we founded Di Gregorio Gioielli, focusing on luxury items with great style exploration and meticulous craftsmanship and above all, no intermediaries. But the international crisis and the exponential development of online sales led us down a di erent path: to network marketing, with a focus on simpler products with a broader target audience. And that is where came in, a platform we launched in May. We currently only sell our own lines but are opening up to other brands. Silver, zirconia and Swarovski for bijoux that starts at eleven euros and goes up to 200, with guaranteed overnight delivery, even overseas, free returns, 10% discounts on first orders and above all, the opportunity to make small earnings for anyone who buys using the code assigned at the time of registration.» But for the antelope (the symbol chose for their quickly founded and fast-moving business), the second phase has already come: in early September, they opened their first Luxanty boutique in Milan. «We wanted to create a space where you could feel at home the minute you walk in, because of its pleasant and light atmosphere, along the lines of Ladurée, and for the ease of purchase, thanks to the prices and the brands we chose. It’s fashion jewelry bought as if they were chocolates or macarons, with the added value of discounts and profit margins, thanks to the network system. For those who want to become part of the Luxanty world, we offer franchising: 50,000 euros for merchandise and the style and commercial concept.» The antelope is moving quickly. Actually, he’s moving full speed ahead.

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