Matteo Ward: Sustainable Revolution

Matteo Ward, the Co-Founder of the ethic brand Wrad, explains how he transfers his vision of fashion to jewelry

  • Matteo Ward, Co-Founder of Wrad.

    Matteo Ward, Co-Founder of Wrad.

«We live in the era of post truth. Is the information we have real or interpreted? Who knows for sure where the clothes we wear come from, for example? Companies can no longer make just their products. They have to innovate, communicate and think up an environmental and social-educational function that transcends the product itself. In a society where Generation Z grows, developing a strong skepticism towards businesses, transparency and traceability are increasingly on the front line,» explains Matteo Ward, Co-Founder of Wrad, today also a member of the panel created by UNECE (ONU) for the development of a functional “policy framework” to stimulate the traceability of the supply chain, exponent of Fashion Revolution Italia and an advisory board member of BluE (electric mobility). «Wrad began by accident. To get into contact with businesses, my partners (Silvia Giovanardi and Victor Santiago) and I created a “ram” product: the GraphiTee T-shirt, dyed with recycled graphite, using an ancient dying process used in Calabria. A circular-economic model that adapts well to jewelry, even if still untapped. Today, consumers also want to know the origin of a stone mounted on a ring just purchased and the companies must be able to give an informed answer. How? By adopting and applying an innovative system that is invested in technology, and applying Block Chain Technology, which is still used very little in this sector. Block Chain Technology would give each piece, so the company, the opportunity to dynamically interact with clients and give them all the traced, verified and guaranteed information from the production chain. The result? It’s as if every bracelet, necklace, ring or earring had its own DNA, as if it had a genome, frozen by the producers, allowing us to go back even to the time the stone was cut. The great advantage of a jewel with respect to a dress? It’s not disposable.»

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