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Mayfair Rocks, Broken English Jewelry, Cayen Collection

Mayfair Rocks - New York, East Hampton

«East Hampton and Soho, New York. From these two special vantage points, where our boutiques are located, in the last 20 years I have seen the world of jewelry change radically. Men and women buy jewelry in the same way, and no longer just for special occasions, but to change them every day according to their mood. My family has been running this business for four generations, since 1927, and if there is one thing that distinguishes us, this is knowing how to choose the right collections. I am a great supporter of made in Italy, since I know that Italian designers not only make some of the most interesting jewels on the international scene, but above all, they do transmit such a unique passion and joy in what they do. And this makes you feel "connected" with them, a part of a greater story.»

Broken English Jewelry - California, Santa Monica

«When Brentwood Country Mart opened its doors in 1948, nothing like that had ever been seen before: restaurants, cafes and cozy shops all together. Liz Taylor, Joan Crawford, Gregory Peck were often seen here... Today, Brentwood is still the “place to be” on the West Coast, and that’s the reason why I chose this special location in 2006. It is the perfect place to offer a mix of styles, ranging from the vintage 1920s pieces to the latest trend fashion brands, up to the independent cult designers, such as Anita Ko, Jennifer Meyer, Jacquie Aiche, Atelier Zobel, Foundrae, Celine Daoust, Silvia Furmanovich, Trouver... Which justifies our price range, from $ 250 to $ 15,000. All in an intimate and relaxing environment. This is California!»

Cayen Collection - California, Carmel

«Let's start with Italian brands: in the last 3 years we have been working with top-end brands including Zydo, Mattioli, Vhernier and Picchiotti. Our customers - American, Canadian but also many European, aged 40 years and over – do simply love made in Italy jewelry! It is a segment with great potential that I want to implement. Cayen turns 18 in 2020, but before opening my store here in Carmel, I had been trading gemstones for over 14 years. We also make bespoke jewelry, for those who can’t get enough of our selection signed by Silvia Furmanovich, Goshwara, Hueb, David Webb, Tony Duquette, Victor Velyan, Lydia Courteille, Etho Maria, Oscar Heyman... Our sales strategy is a mix of virtual sales and on the floor, with average spending of around 20-30,000 $, which rises when it comes to vintage pieces selected by Siegelson.»


Illustrations by Francesca Arena 

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