Success Story: Better Silver

Paolo Bettinardi, CEO of Better Silver, traces the evolution of more than 40 years of success

  • Paolo Bettinardi, Ceo at Better Silver

    Paolo Bettinardi, Ceo at Better Silver

2022 started with big news for us: the opening of Better Silver USA Corp in Rhode Island, a business unit specifically for the US market with the mission to provide our overseas dealers with an even better service. A real need, not only due to the increase in business volume recorded in recent times, but also to the potential and numbers that this area is able to produce with the right support. We could say that this was not a surprising achievement. Quite the opposite in fact. Back in 1977, when my father founded the company in a pioneering way, starting from a small workshop in a garage, the goal was always the States, and already shortly afterwards, 90% of our turnover came from there. Some of our present-day customers were among the first to support us, and it is with and thanks to them that we have grown. Paradoxically, the English name, which favored the brand's take-off at the beginning because of its international sound, is now almost an obstacle, because made-in-Italy, which the Americans were already very hungry for at the time, is increasingly seen as an added value. It has to be said, however, that we now have such a strong background and recognizability that it really doesn’t matter. In the meantime, we have become a reliable partner from every aspect, with a traced and certified supply chain in which all the processing phases take place at our own production sites - the one in Vicenza, where we have several factories, and the one in Romania, where items are assembled - guaranteeing maximum quality and confidentiality. Furthermore, we are now a company that gets its raw materials exclusively from refining or recycling, which is an extremely important issue in the States: in the last 3 years we have reached the threshold of 100% of silver from recovery and 100% of renewable energy usage. Another major objective achieved was the development of internal training with the number of training hours almost doubled. As for product, after years in which silver was side-lined in favor of steel, it is now making a steady comeback, which, together with the explosion of the chain trend, has benefited our particular market segment. The chain is now seen not only as a basic component of accessories, but as a central element, with an extremely wide range of uses, style solutions and colors that were unimaginable until recently. That is why our motto is “we play around the chain”. Among those that currently work better in the USA are the tennis chain and the Monnalisa, embellished with stones, alongside evergreen items like the classic gourmet and alternating link chains.

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