Success Story: Serafino Consoli

Ivan Consoli, CEO of Serafino Consoli, and his idea of "That’s Wow!" to go to the conquest of the States

  • Ivan Consoli, CEO of Serafino Consoli

    Ivan Consoli, CEO of Serafino Consoli

A company exists when it has its own particular identity, something unlike any other. This is the doctrine I started from when I began to imagine that I could create a brand that would stand out on the market from all the rest, one that would in no way transmit a feeling of déjà vu. And the key to understanding how to do this came from the end customer: my family has no previous experience in the jewelry sector, except as a retailer. In 1959, my father Serafino opened a store in Bergamo, where I was able to come into contact with the end customers, managing to understand their real needs and requests in relation to what was still missing on the market. My background as an entrepreneur is therefore quite unique: I went to art school in Valenza, then studied geology, and finally attended the GIA in New York. We are a relatively young company, established in 2013, but we have been devising and designing jewelry since 2003, respecting our "That's Wow!" mission.

First and foremost, we now identify ourselves with having invented the multi-size, the ring from the Brevetto collection that can be sized without actually being sized. In the sense that, despite having no springs, it can cover 25 numbers. Our globally unique and patented mechanism is a tiny revolution in the jewelry world. Marketing often exploits the concept of “something that wasn't there before” but sometimes, it's just a propaganda claim. In our case, it really is true because there actually was nothing like it before. It consists of ever-evolving, micromechanical solutions made up of hundreds of components and thousands of soldered joints. The Serafino collection, on the other hand, focuses on the idea of transforming a ring into a bracelet and vice versa, two items of jewelry in one, a perfect partner for a woman at various times of the day. We have no subcontractors, everything that bears our trademark is made in house, from the management algorithms to the final touches on the jewelry. So, whether it's the European market, where we are now an established and absolutely recognizable brand, or the US market, our approach doesn't change. Anyone who comes across our product immediately understands that it bears a sense of uniqueness. Of course, there is still a need to invest in an overseas presence to make that leap: at Couture we will have a stand twice the size of last year's, and our retailers, currently about twenty, will certainly increase in number, but always within the sphere of quality, whether on Fifth Avenue or in the Cayman Islands.

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