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One is a platform offering services, spaces and customized strategies, the other is a full-service agency that promotes independent designers on the US market. It all happens in New York

  • Jennifer Shanker founder of MUSE

    Jennifer Shanker founder of MUSE

Overseas projects to support our made in. It happens in New York with Piazza Italia, the newly created platform on Madison Avenue in the historic Brooks Brother headquarters, and in Hudson Street in the showroom, now also an e-shop, Muse x Muse.


Muse x Muse

Jennifer Shanker never misses a beat, and when she chooses two icons of Italian jewelry style like Anna Maccieri Rossi and Bea Bongiasca for her team of independent designers, it's easy to see how Italian excellence always hits the mark. «It is practically impossible to pinpoint the exact “X factor” that makes Italian jewelry so special. Anna and Bea are proof of how much value there is in their designs, so full of care and creativity. True to their Italian roots, they both have an incredibly distinctive DNA that allows them to experiment with alternative materials while still maintaining their own unique styles. That's one of the big reasons why we were immediately attracted to them,» explains founder, Jennifer Shanker.

Piazza Italia

Recently founded on the intuition of Alberto Milani, President of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York, and Dennis Ulrich, founder and owner of Beloro and, until 2018, CEO of Richline Group, Piazza Italia is an innovative multi-channel platform whose aim is to facilitate the penetration and expansion of Italian excellence in the United States. Thanks to customized strategies with transversal solutions and services, including private offices, co-working areas, virtual interactions, events, sales, logistics and product development, it is a reference point where top retailers, manufacturers, brands and lovers of Made in Italy meet.

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