Take Five

Take Five is our first video interview format to five women jewelry designers based in Milan

Our series of video interviews, ‚ÄúTake Five", have been filmed in Milan to pay homage at five of the city's most eclectic jewelry designers. A conversation and a visit in their ateliers and studios in the heart of Milan, that unveil their most creative side and tell the stories behind these talented minds and hands. From the colored gem creations by Federica Rettore, to the oniric pieces by Melania Crocco, from Iranian Sogand Nobahar's innovative vision in approaching jewelry, to Aonie's duo demi-fine and tiny jewelry, that tells a lot about their milanese roots. Last but not least, Maria Luisa Pianegonda, signature of her brand Maria e Luisa Jewels, whose silver cuffs, rings and more, are the expression of her love for nature, design, art and life.

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