Take Five with AONIE

After 12 years the sisters who gave birth to the AONIE project tell each other. Their goal remains the same: to be able to stand out in the world of jewelry.

Aonie were the muses who lived in the Aoni region of Boeotia. They wanted to recall this tradition in their logo represented by two profiles of women who recall the path. The love of jewelry is a family tradition for them and for them jewelry is architecture but with a change of scale.Emotion and Tradition are their guidelines, "jewels bring us back to an important event in our life, my mom's jewels convey me warmth".The choice of materials has been focused on ceramic, a material that has fallen somewhat in disuse in recent years. Aonie's style is a romantic and past style that wanted to take its place in high jewelery with the use of diamonds and precious stones. The latest collection sees the union of ceramic with single-colored natural colors.



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