Take Five with Federica Rettore

Federica Rettore's jewels interpret the desire to transmit an idea in a highly personal way, through a deep study of the exoteric world

Italian by birth and culture, Federica Rettore developed an international awareness in design while living some years in  U.S.A. during her youth. In 1989, her sculpture “The Fall of Angels” was the only opus to represent the New Liberal Art Academy of Milan at the Liberal Art Student Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. In 1994, she established her own company to design and to produce her own line of jewelry. Her creations, already subject of collectors in Italy and in USA, are also valued by demanding international stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Aspen, Vail. his artist makes jewels with creative fancy, freedom of ideas and eclectic use of materials, from the most precious to most unusual, that only seldom can be seen out of a painting. It’s not by chance that Federica believes that a jewel is a small sculpture to wear to keep the unison of amorous senses seek in matching metals to gems, precious woods to corals, pearls to steel. Core items: the horn bracelets. Listen to the video to enter Federic's world.


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