Take Five with Maria Luisa Pianegonda

Italy for production, the world for inspiration. This is the most precious combination for Maria e Luisa Jewels, the brand by Maria Luisa Pianegonda

Maria e Luisa Jewels is a synthesis of who I am. It expresses the passion I have for my work and combines the past, present and future. Maria e Luisa Jewels contains the embrace and wonder I found on the world’s streets.» Designer Maria Luisa Pianegonda is back in the jewelry industry, after years of absence, which she spent traveling a great deal. They were intense years that led her to making a reappearance on the market, expressing all of her experiences through her jewels. «A piece of jewelry should be rich in appeal but definitely mustn’t be trite. My creations hold a magical mix of aromas from Asia, the warm atmospheres of the West, the energy of the world, and the warmth of a home.» To make them, the designer takes advantage of the seductive power of warm metals, such as silver and gold, whose surfaces are shaped and molded into unexpected silhouettes and embellished by the light and genuineness of natural, precious and semi-precious stones. With production taking place strictly in Italy – Maria Luisa, in fact, relies on the know-how of master goldsmiths with whom she has established a relationship based on mutual trust and esteem – each jewel is the result of passionate, attentive and painstaking craftsmanship, so that it captures the magical dimension between light and penumbra. The balance of the details along with classic ornaments are reveal on hand-chiseled surfaces, processed by hand using an ancient burin technique, which give life to a style that is easily recognizable. «Today, when I stop and reflect, I find in myself a woman who chooses to create jewels that are not easy to forget in the bottom of drawer but that become travel companions with which to share your emotions.»


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