Take Five with Sogand Nobahar

From 2017, Sogand Nobahar creates design jewelry as symbols that silently describe a concept or a message

In Iran, Sogand Nobahar's country, jewels are linked to traditions, whilst in Italy it reminds to high jewelry. It is from mixing these two characteristics that Sogand's creations have taken a strong identity. She mainly uses polyamide since its lightness, flexibility and white color give the designer the chance to create jewels of all types and colors, and extremely resistant. Sogand chooses 3D technology to be able to control everything and obtain greater precision. She makes jewelry by mixing the polyamide with more traditional techniques, such as the ones used to make persian rugs. Her first collection is called My City Line, and it is dedicated to people far from home, as well Sogand and her husband do, telling them that they must always own something that reminds them of their origins. This is how the next two collections were born: My City Tehran and My City Napoli, the latter inspired by Neapolitan Piazza Plebiscito, Sogand's husband native town.



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