The Future of Jewelry

The future of jewelry, between what to save and what to leave behind today for tomorrow, which essential tools to keep, how technology and craftsmanship should coexist and what vision to adopt to remain creative and stand out. We asked some leading sector experts, who live in daily confrontation with those who are building the future of jewelry, for their critical, analytical, authoritative and stimulating opinions.


Paola De Luca, Founder and Ceo at The Futurist, Luxury Forecasting

«Creativity is the human capacity to know how to transform and adapt to transformation. The more humanity evolves in terms of technology, the more important the human aspect, the revival of the arts, becomes. The value of culture, of art, the ability to adapt visions and emotions to experiences. This is what nurtures creativity.»

«Decoration is now transversal, fluid, and this is the new way of being. Creativity is also changing point of view. Generations are fluid, the age demographic, the elderly, who have become role models and represent a different moment in life.»

«Communication means knowledge of a society with new rights, gender equality, gender transversality, new cultures. Social fabrics are transforming, aesthetics linked to cultures, as well as the present and a useful future, are emerging.»

«There is a moment of osmosis, of sector hybridization. Jewelry is accessory, accessory is jewelry, fashion is jewelry. Everything is synergetic. Where companies lack creative innovation, creativity itself brings innovation.»

«Creativity is rethinking companies, products, materials, with sustainability at the center. It is in the vision of business, relationships, distribution, communication.»

«Craftsmanship is the treasure that humanity will have to preserve in order to regain cultural and historical identity, maintain roots, rights and the planet, always in an innovative way. What to keep and what to leave behind? This is how we build the future of the creative process.»


Laura Inghirami, Founder of Donna Jewel 

«Technology increasingly at the service of craftsmanship in order to enhance and expand its expressive capacity. The 4.0 craftsman tells his story, his talent, his creativity thanks to digitalization and social media, windows onto the world that have no geographical or cultural limits.»

«Social media, such as Instagram, TikTok and the new Threads, are fundamental. You have to communicate your values in order to have an engaging and inclusive community that reflects you and that you feel part of, where you can express yourself and make a personal stand.»


 Katerina Perez, Founder and Editor in Chief at

«Technology and craftsmanship will always work in parallel; one will never replace the other. Technology enhances and supports craftsmanship, but it cannot replace passion and emotions. It can elevate skills and provide new avenues for creativity.»

«The future is not based on the size of the brand or the number of boutiques, but on the desirability of what it creates. I believe in the value of relationships, a distinctive dna and well-planned strategic actions. Brands do not have to please everyone.».

«Preserve ancient artisan techniques, such as granulation, to ensure the continuity of small artisan workshops. We must involve young people and get them interested in goldsmith professions by making them more attractive.»


 Vivienne Becker, Jewelry Historian

«I would like to see a truly design-oriented industry that exudes excellence, elevated to a higher level in the same way as in the world of industrial design.»

«Jewelry must have a greater cultural relevance, be innovative, imaginative, contemporary. But let us remember that jewelry as an art form and expression of mankind is thousands of years old and will never lose this value.»


Valery Demure, Founder of Valery Demure Agency

«Technology is great in many ways, but it will not replace the human hand or sensitivity. Much of the CAD-designed jewelry today looks flat and lacking in delicacy, movement, volume.

«You must create new ways to experiment and adorn yourself. I love the use of unconventional materials – aluminum, steel, titanium – and I admire the ability of designers like Taffin, Aaltas and Leen Heyne who use imagination to work with them.»

«Brands need to recycle more and mine less. I am all for reusing an old stone, recycling metals, renting jewelry, preserving old techniques and using technology as a support.»


Maria Sole Ferragamo, Founder of So-Le Studio

«To be relevant, jewelry brands must prioritize creativity. The market is saturated with trends that dictate the law, and, in order to stand out, you have to differentiate your offer, both in terms of creative approach and ethics.»


Elisabetta Cipriani, Founder of Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery

«When an artist makes an item of jewelry, it always has a story that speaks of today, current affairs, politics, love, themes related to everyday life, like Ai Wei Wei who engraves subjects similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics, which actually speak of immigration.»

«The demand for artistic jewelry is constantly growing and it will never be made for marketing, but always and only to produce art. They are two completely different worlds.»

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