The Magic of the Capri's Dolce Vita by Chantecler

The glamour of 1950s Capri comes alive again today in unique items by Chantecler. Maria Elena Aprea, the company’s Vice President and Creative Director, tells us about three in red, pink and brown coral.

«Coral is an ancestral spell that has accompanied man for millennia. Used since ancient times to create amulets with extraordinary virtues, coral never ceases to fascinate and give charm to the wearer. In the past, the people of Capri had a great reputation as coral fishers. A highly risky activity that led them to dive into the depths around the island, to collect these masterpieces of nature. The history of Chantecler and coral has been intertwined since its origins. It was the legendary Fifties and the Chantecler boutique became the obligatory destination for the international jet set looking for a jewel capable of expressing all the magic of the Dolce Vita caprese. And it was the Maison's unmistakable coral creations that won over divas like Jacqueline Kennedy, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, becoming the symbol of a cheerful and sensual elegance. Even today Chantecler interprets coral with an original and innovative design but made by the skilled hands of craftsman. Collected in a careful and sustainable way, coral finds expression in jewels that for their uniqueness and for their charismatic power, do not know the wear and tear of time and challenge the transience of fashions». These are the words of Maria Elena Aprea, Vice President of Chantecler S.p.A. and Creative Director. The memories linked to the unique items made on request are also hers. “A few years ago, I bought a 30-kr. tanzanite. An exceptional stone to say the least, which I mounted on a ring. One of our customers saw it, but insisted on telling me, “I will only buy it if it becomes a Chantecler”. I accepted the challenge. We mounted two brown corals next to the tanzanite, which immediately made it a Company item. When I took it to the customer, in Switzerland, I was quite worried. He had still not had a glimpse of the new ring, not even a sketch. But, as soon as his wife put it on her finger, he fell in love with it. “Now it’s a Chantecler”. So, these are the things that give me the greatest satisfaction in my job. Now, in our Milan boutique, I have a very particular red coral bracelet ready. The coral has only been sanded, left extremely natural, as if it had just come out of the sea. A jewel that gives the sensation of freshness, one-of-a-kind. Another “one-off”? A red, cabachon coral necklace, cut crossways at the trunk, something which is rather unusual. Results that are only possible thanks to our craftsmen, true artists in working this raw material.”

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