The Phenomenon The Twojeys Phenomenon

The company has already won the trust of the authoritative BOF, which wrote an article describing it as the Spanish men's jewelry start-up that, within a short time, has become a global phenomenon thanks to a highly unusual promotional campaign. The two founders chartered a “Pirates of the Caribbean” style schooner with a double star flag (the brand's logo) and sailed for three weeks in the waters around Ibiza, hosting a group of influencers, skateboarders, skiers and celebrities of various origins on board, whose posts and videos went so viral that the brand's engagement on Instagram almost doubled. From the end of 2019, when the e-commerce went online, Twojeys sales increased by 700% in 2020 to over two million. In 2022 the turnover reached four million euros and in June 2023, the first London flagship store in Soho’s Brewer Street opened. Twojeys has a business model with 95% of sales coming from the web.

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