The TikTok Impact in Jewerly Business

The VO+ magazine dossier delving into the role of TikTok, an authentic social phenomenon among younger people, in jewelry business activities

4.62 billion users are active on social media. Of these, one billion a day surf TikTok, China's most downloaded app in 2022 with 656 million downloads, far surpassing Facebook's 416 million. From 2016 to date, that is, since it has been available outside China, TikTok has been downloaded over 3.5 billion times, with the average user spending 850 minutes on the app each month. In this dossier we try to understand the role of this social phenomenon in jewelry business activities, by looking at the Media Impact Value (MIV), an algorithm developed by Launchmetrics that analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to determine and calculate the value of the media impact of influencer marketing actions on a brand's image. We also report on the success stories of those who, in a short time, have managed to transform the effectiveness of an ironic, efficient and authentic TikTok language into revenue.

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