Top Brands Performances on TikTok

Strategies and case studies of 4 top brands that lead the ranking of the best performing brands on TikTok in 2023, according to Launchmetrics analysis

Tiffany & Co.
Interestingly for Tiffany & Co., the top voice driving MIV (Media Impact Value) on Tik- Tok in 2023 was Media, proving how a traditional mediatic tool can still be an effective contributor in driving brand performance on social medias, primarily dominated by influencers and celebrities. This is due to an effective event that occurred in April 2023: the reopening of Tiffany Landmark on New York’s Fifth Avenue. On the day of the opening, the company earned 37% of its total TikTok MIV (January-November), demonstrating how events act as a catalyst for social media virality and the Media was responsible for almost half (48%) of the brand’s MIV on TikTok during January- November. Media collected $7.2M in MIV for Tiffany during January-November, and 73% of that was amassed during the Tiffany Landmark event.

APM Monaco
Like Tiffany, APM Monaco also found success by aligning with a specific event which helped boost their brand performance on TikTok. The brand recorded the most success on the platform during May 2023 when it invited a list of influencers to the Monaco Grand Prix (44% of the company’s total MIV on TikTok from January- November was generated in May during the Grand Prix). Although the brand invited influencers, it achieved greater results from Media talking about the influencers (known as the "echo effect”), which was responsible for 80% of MIV on TikTok in May 2023.The brand received TikTok coverage from attendees such as Lea Elui Ginet ($52,000) and Charli D’amelio ($87,000).

Unlike the previous two case studies, Casio was successful due to being mentioned in Shakira’s song, which helped it hit the big time the internet and become viral on all platforms. The brand achieved the most coverage in January at the same time as the release of the song - 66% of the total TikTok MIV was generated in January alone when the song’s lyrics were at the height of discussion. Consequently, the leading voice driving MIV for the brand was Influencers, which earned 95% of the brand’s total MIV on Tik- Tok from January-November.

Having a consistent TikTok strategy in place, Messika was able to generate 35% of its total MIV through its own account. However, when looking at all the MIV throughout January-November, we can see that the brand generated the most MIV in September 2023, when it presented its jewelry show during the Paris Fashion Week. To be precise, in September the brand amassed 44% of its total MIV.

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