Twist, Reinhold Jewelers, Lido Jewelers

Twist - Oregon Portland 

«We work with over 100 designers, 80% of whom are American and the rest from Europe, with a small percentage from India and Japan. We love natural looks, we do not appreciate large volumes nor too shiny and bright jewels. Everything is always very understated, a mood that perfectly meets the taste of Oregon and the North-West. Without a doubt, color is a powerful mainstream, like yellow gold, which is coming back in a decisive manner and which you in Italy also use a lot for culture. When I think of Italian designers, I must absolutely name Monica Rossi from Anaconda, in Milan. She is truly beloved, so much so that she figures among the bestselling brands.»

Reinhold Jewelers - Puerto Rico, San Juan

«Thirty-fifty. This is our customers’ age range, most of them are local, from Puerto Rico, with a percentage of passing tourists which increases during the holiday period. In general, the market has significantly increased in the past two years, evolving in style due to the natural generational shift of our aficionados. Parents used to come and visit us 30 years ago, and nowadays their children still prefer the purchase vis-à-vis rather than online, and rely on much less obvious, traditional jewelry. Alongside brands such as David Yurman, Roberto Coin, Pomellato, Tiffany, Monica Rich Kossan, Steven Webster, Sevan Bicakci, Temple St. Claire, we also have some independent designers including Katie Brunini and Todd Reed.»

Lido Jewelers - Puerto Rico, San Juan

«Lido today means 1,100 square meters of display area. We have come a long way since 1982, when a boutique was dedicated to super classic pieces. Now we are a point of reference for those looking for something unique, especially women: professionals, travellers, who love wearing refined jewelry with an exclusive design. Just the way many Italian brands know how to be, and are thus appreciated for their workmanship quality, high-end but simple and timeless. For years we have been dealing with EvaNueva, which boasts a neat design, a wide variety of gemstones and considerable sizes, for prices ranging from $ 1,100 to $ 12,500. Oromalia is especially appreciated for its pink or yellow gold bracelets (around $ 4-6,000), often combined with leather, while a jewel by Antonini is perceived as a real collector's item, with an average cost of around $ 9,000. I like designers who speak a language, who know how to convey a message through their work. For this reason, I prefer not to sell online, which for us is equal to 6% of the turnover. Jewels are a very personal and intimate purchase, they need to be tried on, you must feel their weight, make sure you feel comfortable with them, they must “talk to you”.»


Illustrations by Francesca Arena 

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