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Vendorafa: The Future Is In Our Intelligent Hands

What impact does sustainability have on a company? This is one of the most current and urgent topics today. We discussed it with Augusto Ungarelli, CEO of Vendorafa

«Sustainability doesn’t just mean being able to trace where the materials come from, but also the impact on the organization of the company itself, which is its own small world and, as such, with rules of its own. Vendorafa, for example, has existed continuously since 1951. A lucky case, I would say, of longevity and solidity, but perhaps it isn’t just 'chance' because we’ve been working on sharing ideals and targets with our employees who have become an integral part and key players in our success. In a certain sense, what happens is that there’s a virtuous cycle established that brings benefits to the company and, as a result, to society in a larger sense.  We are all responsible for our future, with each individual action every day. Therefore, we need to be aware of every action and, most importantly, the effect it has.  Behind this need, there’s an issue with what people are taught out in the community, in terms of how individuals are educated, which should be the result of the integration between schools and the professional world. The result is what I love to call 'intelligent hands,' people who every day not only produce but who have a strong desire to promote values. A company needs rules and internal checks, and to take the objectives and standards of their workforce to higher levels. Only by bringing these factors together can we manage to compete on an ever more global market. Italy has other important 'weapons:' the advantages of its creativity and craftsmanship, but in the future, a future that is here now, needs to guarantee that our skills will also be the bearer of this type of sustainability. If Italian businesspeople can understand the changes taking place, in other words, that the 4 'Cs' should also include the 'S' in sustainability, I am sure that we will have a great future».

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