Vicenzaoro is The Place to Be

The Italian edition as a hub for the best in the industry, just like the Las Vegas events that dominate the U.S. market and the Dubai show focused on conquering new, important markets. This is how Vicenzaoro is part of a wider network.

  • Marco Carniello, Director of IEG’s Jewelry & Fashion Division.

    Marco Carniello, Director of IEG’s Jewelry & Fashion Division.

What are the major advantages of Vicenzaoro September?
To really sum up, it is a show that is ever more focused on creating a network throughout the industry. This event is able to bring together the best of every single phase of the lifecycle of a product, from the technology used to create it all the way to the final product. This for every market segment, from fashion jewelry all the way to the high end of the market. Actually, we have created various communities, various “capsules” that are able to support individual sectors. With the Design Room, for example, we have attracted some of the most popular independent designers on the global scene. The Glamroom offers around 30 companies during each edition, with a product range that goes from €500 to 1.000-1,500. The success of this has forced us to do this on a “rotating” basis with each brand allowed to stay for a max of three years. The Fashion Room is the newest initiative, launched only in January but already a success and much in demand. Here we showcase a segment that is rarely seen at Vicenzaoro with retail prices around €100. The Watch Room continues to take shape, with a great international focus on 12 brands for each section, without any overlap - from Barbosa, which is fresh and imaginative, to Corum, a higher-end German brand. September is also when TEvolution takes place. Unlike TGold, its focus is on technologies for jewelers and small gold workshops, with about 20 exhibitors specialized in 3D and software. What’s more, we offer conferences and courses that involve exhibitors and Vicenza’s CPV, with customized professional training courses. A final highlight of September is the overriding theme of the entire show: Spreading Sustainability, with our aim of sharing developments in client and industry best practices, to improve the perception and results of sustainability. 

How is the “Made in Italy” market doing abroad?
It is up 3.4%. And this is an extremely positive number for Italian jewelry imports to the United States in 2018. Italy is third (after Switzerland and France) in terms of the major markets, with three out of four jewels going abroad (from the report of Italian Trade Commission Houston Office “The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry”). Our jewels are ever more popular due to their design and creativity as well as the technical skill that goes into making them. The companies that want to dominate in a market that has already been won over or make inroads for the first time in the U.S., come to all three events in Las Vegas - Couture, Premier and JCK, with a lot of support from IEG as well.

And what about VOD, the Dubai edition of Vicenzaoro?
It will be very similar to last year, meaning with a total of about 40 brands from Italy out of more than 500 overall. We recorded 20,000 people in 2018 from over 80 countries. We plan on hosting about 300 buyers only from EMEA. VOD is a very important platform for all of the Middle East and IEG is investing a lot, especially with Expo 2020 on the horizon. The show continues to be very popular both from the B2B and B2C viewpoint but B2B is sort of a look to the future so that Dubai can quickly become the Las Vegas of the area and Expo can be instrumental in this process. Dubai is the perfect hub for our exhibitors so that they can easily make their way into markets that are otherwise hard to crack. Africa is a continent that is growing quite a bit, with exponential growth in wealth and consumption. So the demand for Italian products needs to have adequate support. 

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