The new My Way Karlito watches

The new My Way Karlito watches

Welcome to the lovely new watches series by Fendi.


Karlito is an adorable bag charm by Fendi created in 2014. Its fluffy image has been used on several of Fendi’s accessories. From clutches and bags to sweatshirts, and now arrives to adorn the fashion brand’s latest watches. Called My Way Karlito, the new watches collection features a combination of fur, precious stones and leather. The My Way Karlito timepieces flaunt design characteristics that resemble the image of the brand’s beloved fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The most relatable timepieces is the one that features Lagerfeld’s iconic sunglasses on its dial—set with diamonds—and a detachable pink, white and black fur on one side. While the dial of the watch pays homage to the designer, the fur on it pays homage to the original Karlito. On the side opposite to furry the watch features a white leather collar with a black tie that calls.



Fendi My Way Karlito Fendi My Way Karlito

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