Charme polychrome

Charme polychrome

Fickling colors and a very modern, dynamic style: these are the ace in sleeves of the new Hublot Classic Fusion watch.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, champion of kinetic art, is the brain behind the Classic Fusion series. He has adapted three examples to his Chromointerférence creation from 1964. According to Cruz Diez’s theory, color is unstable and constantly changing. This is why in these three limited edition models, the dials are printed with an array of colored lines and covered with a rotating grid which completes a full revolution each minute, thus generating new ranges of colors different from those on the dial itself, a bright visual effect which changes every twelve hours.

[ts_row] [ts_one_half] Hublot3 [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] classic-fusion-cruz-diez-3-2 [/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]



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