An interstellar double tourbillion

An interstellar double tourbillion

Sideralis by Louis Moinet is an inspiring timepiece, singularly technical and poetic.
Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet created a timepiece that is not only an astonishing work of art but also an authentic invitation to embark on an interstellar journey. Louis Moinet Sideralis is organized around two particularly remarkable tourbillions. Both of these tourbillons are oversized, with cages measuring 14.9 mm – half as large again as the normal. This is the biggest assembly of two tourbillons ever to have existed. "Beside our demanding chronometric norms, this methodology adds a captivating visual dimension to the watch; a touch of enchantment that we've chose to blessing to lovers of fine watches, to make sure they can examine magnificence and horological workmanship in all its wonder," clarifies Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet. The two tourbillons are designed to be physically above the movement – above the dial, even. The two raised cages are very large and entirely noticeable, uncovering balance wheels with wonderfully styled screws – and a totally exceptional aesthetic appearance. The tourbillons turn in inverse directions. The persistent coming and going, side by side, is not only for elaborate reasons; the counter-revolution provides the power required to the star component – the Sideralis complication. It’s the first time a complication is driven by a twofold tourbillon: a time dial, arranged at 12 o'clock, comprising two discs, one on the other. The main one features a small hand-painted picture. This hand-made wonder depicts the universe and its heavenly bodies of stars and planets, painted one by one on a dull blue sidereal foundation. The movement finishes one counter-clockwise rotation every 60 seconds. Through the opening, the lower disc uncovers the planet Mars, the Moon, and Mercury in succession. Sideralis is available in a 47.4 mm grey gold case – and in a limited edition of only 28 watches.

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