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The re-launch of an 1980's icon: Cartier Panthère

The re-launch of an 1980's icon: Cartier Panthère

The year 2017 is all about the girls with the re-launch of the 1980s Panthère. Panthère is to be marketed and targeted just to ladies, regardless of how small your XY-chromosome wrist may be. First launched in 1983, the updated design comes in 12 styles, all specifically for women. From cool steel to warm yellow gold, it comes in a variety of finishes and two different sizes, and in some cases with an optional diamond bezel. Needless to say, all 12 models look utterly desirable, especially when seen on the campaign imagery, teamed with jeans and a white shirt or a slinky black evening gown.

When the watch was first launched in 1983 it was briefly called the ‘Santos D’ (D for Demoiselle), having borrowed stylistics such as a square dial. But in Cartier the black big cat is a muse of the maison since 1914 and the re-naming as Panthère was, according to Cartier, due to the supple articulated link bracelet mimicking the movement of a panther as it slinks through the jungle. And the bracelet in gold, steel or paved in diamonds is what this watch is all about, defining it primarily as a piece of jewellery.

The relaunched Panthère de Cartier watch will be available on Net-a-Porter. Partnering with Cartier, maybe the most iconic of luxury brands, the website is hosting a month-long pop-up shop expressly to sell the relaunched Panthè

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re de Cartier watch collection since May 2, a full month before it officially lands in-store.

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