Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur 36 Collection is a hypnotizing explosion of colors

The Excalibur collection is an authentic icon for Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis, designed to pay homage to the Knights of the Round Table legends while boasting a unique, feminine touch that enhances the wearer’s innate elegance. A typical Medieval reference of this watches is the fluted bezel, an element that transports us to another time, a time dominated by chivalry, honor codes and powerful lores. The new Excalibur 36 range keeps up with this legacy by adding 4 new timepieces that embrace and re-interpret the latest trends in luxury and design. The 4 different colors – total white, full black, blue and magenta - are selected to intensify the different personalities of a woman. The bezel is decorated with 48 precious stones (sapphires or diamonds according to the chosen color) that shine with a glowing, lavish feel. To ensure the Excalibur Legacy there are, besides the fluted bezel, the triple lugs and the radiating Roman numerals. Another highlight of the collection is the DLC-treated titanium case, sturdy and classy. These watches also boast a RD830 Automatic calibre with date, the latest‑generation of self‑winding mechanical movements created by the Swiss watchmaker.


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