Inside the world of Eleuteri

Chatting with Wagner Eleuteri is like losing oneself in a fascinating novel with a touch of adventure. It is a story that began 120 years ago and details twentieth century jewellery through beauty, tradition, passion and vision

  • Iconic Bulgari Gem Set Brooch

    Iconic Bulgari Gem Set Brooch

«We are proud to be specialised in Italian-made vintage jewellery. We have some of the world's most important Bulgari collections, which range from the 1950s to '70s, decades in which the brand experienced its most exponential growth.»
«My grandfather always said: 'Honesty is the greatest aspect of guile.' This job can be tainted with various uncertainties but integrity leads to significant results over time.» Wagner Eleuteri, 29 years old, with his friendly character and distinct voice, represents the third generation of a family of jewellers whose name boasts a 120-year- old history. A history made of sacrifices and courageous decisions as well as beauty, tradition and passion, the cornerstones of the Eleuteri philosophy. It was 1897 when Wagner's great-grandfather opened an elegant café in front of the steps in Piazza di Spagna in Rome. It went on to become one of the capital city's most famous, a popular destination for the ‘Dolce vita’. But the passion of Wagner's grandfather, Pietro Eleuteri, for antiques was destined to turn the name towards a totally different direction. In the 1970s, his son, Carlo, decided to specialize in antique jewellery. It was the start of an ambitious idea that lead him to distribute his energy from Rome to the whole of Italy and even as far as New York where, in 2016, Wagner opened the company's latest boutique. «My father practically re-started from zero. The road was a long one and not without hardships. My grandfather would be more than proud to see that his son and grandson have taken the family name to such faraway places.» 

Nowadays, Eleuteri is known for offering vintage and rare jew- ellery as well as an impeccable customer service. Customers that include the Italian aristocracy, the international jet-set and celebrities such as Sheikha Mozah Al Thani, Sir Elton John, Karl Lagerfeld, Diego della Valle and Marta Marzotto: «You can find us in via Sant’Andrea in Milan and in via Condotti in Rome. Roads trodden by the whole world.» The boutiques in Rome and Milan, followed by those in Venice, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Porto Cervo and now NewYork,aretheperfectplacestodiscover authentic twentieth-century treasures. «We are proud to be specialized in Italian-made vintage jewellery. We have some of the world's most important Bulgari collections, which range from the 1950s to '70s, decades in which the brand experienced its most exponential growth,» explains Wagner, who, after studying in London, decided to focus on the family business and continue those values in which he himself believes and that he seems to pursue with admirable awareness. «Vintage jewellery is becoming a form of investment. It is a growing market, unlike contemporary retail which is suffering a little. Who knows whether today's creations, produced in series, will be worth more in thirty years' time. Items of a certain type and quality are becoming more rare and more expensive.» His work is both fascinating and complicated and requires «a lot of experience in the field» but it is extremely satisfying. Wagner still remembers his amazement when, in California, he sold several items to a customer including «a beautiful snake bracelet with diamonds and black Russian enamel from the 1850s» for a colossal amount that he purposefully neglected to mention.

  • Eleuteri store from outside

    Eleuteri store from outside

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