Meet The Buyer: Zayan Ghandour

Sauce Rocks' founder and buyer Zayan Ghandour explains the Dubai multi-brand concept store's role for the City of Gold

  • Zayan Ghandour, founder and buyer of Sauce Rocks

    Zayan Ghandour, founder and buyer of Sauce Rocks

«The concept grew organically from what started as a fine jewellery corner in our Sauce stores. The category was doing really well, as we helped launch many designers (such as Nadine Kanso’s Bil Arabi), and we felt there was not only a demand for new,  interesting fine jewellery design, but also a wealth of designers who were creating some really wonderful things,» says Zayan Ghandour, founder of Sauce Rocks. What Sauce Rocks looks for are designers that stand out in their individuality, with collections that are rich in inspiration and showcase the most exquisite details, reflecting their story and the finest stones. «As the market grew and evolved over the years, Zayan continues, so did the demand for contemporary fine jewellery. We started to see a real appetite for modern pieces, that had more individuality and a stronger backstory - which is how Sauce Rocks came to be as a stand - alone store for contemporary fine jewellery curated the Sauce way, from customizable pieces to stackables and one-off intricate designs from new and established brands.» Sauce Rocks caters to those looking for a daily, easy-to-wear fine jewellery piece at a great price point as well as those looking for an investment statement piece, with prices determined by the designers, the diamonds used and their quality. What about trends? «A strong trend growing quickly is the customisation aspect. Personalized pieces overall are growing in popularity, and it’s extending to fine jewellery where consumers not only want a unique piece, they want one they can really make their own. Another trend is the comeback of intricately worked coloured enamel, with all the versatility it brings. Anyway, although coloured stones and worked enamel are seeing success on the bigger scene, diamonds remain a strong customer favourite in the region. Statement pieces especially tend to market particularly well with our customers here, but we are also seeing the rise of a younger generation looking for more unique, niche pieces, such as ear cuffs and knuckle rings. We recently received a beautiful new collection from Agaro, offering fully customizable initial pendants in gold and intricately designed coloured enamel. In addition to this, a very inspired collection by regional brand Arwa Jewellery, brings forward an artistic collection in precious stones inspired by Van Gogh’s floral still life paintings.»

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