Andrea Panconesi: Parola d'Ordine, ‘Mix&Match’

Andrea Panconesi, the CEO of LuisaViaRoma and a pioneer in fashion e-commerce, speaks at VISIO.NEXT Summit

New channels of communication, social media and especially distribution have revolutionized consumers’ approach to fashion and accessories. Do you have any strategies and advice for brands that want to brave the global market? The most important factor is identifying the most suitable social media channels in the target market. Each country has particular characteristics and preferences; it is important to research the country and adopt the most appropriate strategy and social media venue for each market. The second it to try not to be commercial. Users are bombarded daily with ads, even on social media, thus it is important to have quality content, that is truly interesting and that invites the user to interact, sharing content and beginning an active mutual exchange with us. 

Do you see new trends in the accessory and jewelry market in particular, especially here at VICENZAORO? As you can notice while visiting VICENZAORO, jewelry has become an integral part of a look. Both men and women have even more desire to embellish their outfits with jewelry. The foremost trend right now is surely to mix and match. Our customers want to play with jewels, mixing earrings, necklaces and rings: different styles and jewels worn at the same time. Another important trend that will continue all of 2018 is statement earrings that are never predictable.

Tell us about the value of a social media community in terms of investment and reputation, starting with the LuisaViaRoma experience. LVR began investing in social media networks, varied by country, in 2008. Today we can count on a community that is not only large, but very loyal to the brand. This is why we work internally to make the largest amount of content possible so that we are always inspiring our community, which interacts with us and shares our stories.

What were the determining steps and choices that brought LuisaViaRoma success? One of the key factors was to always be a ‘first mover’ in terms of entering a market or in terms of using new technologies and solutions. We’ve always worked with a view to achieving small objectives, evaluating the results and generating the necessary changes for improvement and growth.

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