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Alarice, Havas, Hub Spot, Velvet, Smart Age: the revolutionary names around the digital world

You don’t have to be an expert in Vlogging (Video-Blogs) to be successful. Just entrust in those who do it for a living. Or, perhaps, “disembark” on the most suitable marketplace. Here are some ideas and references for the smartest approach with Inbound Marketing, Sales and Customer Services software, all-round supportive consultancy, from design to the final customer. 

GemFind Solution, Lux Made in, Alarice, Havas, Hub Spot, Velvet, Smart Age

Alarice and ChoZan

Who Ashlery Galina Dudarenok, Founder
Where Hong Kong
Why Her indisputable charisma is the key to her success

Securing the title of Top Voice in Marketing on a social platform like LinkedIn is no mean feat and yet, Ashley has also had this on her prize list since 2019. One of the many recognitions obtained by someone who is an expert in vlogging - the art of the Video-Blog - her profession, or rather, the mediatic means through which business is done. Global keynote speaker, trainer and author of three bestsellers on Amazon, she founded the digital marketing agency Alarice as well as the ChoZan training agency, based in Hong Kong and centered on the Chinese market. She is the creator of Fire, a cycle of live or web-based courses specifically for female entrepreneurs. 

Havas Lux Hub

Who Genie Chin, Vice President Business Development
Where Shanghai
Why With billings of $18 billion, it knows how to stretch client budget the farthest

 Imagining setting up a public relations agency back in 1835 – even in the resplendent Ville Lumière – must have been much more than avant-garde. Since then, Havas has grown to become the world’s fifth largest communication company, with offices in more than 100 countries and social marketing as one of its strong points.


Who Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Founders
Where Cambridge, Massachusetts, Usa
Why One of the most widespread inbound marketing software, with over 86,000 clients

 2005: HubSpot, the first software for Inbound Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, appeared in hardware stores in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The founders are also the authors of the social world’s “bible” - “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs”.

Velvet Media 

Who Bassel Bakdounes, on the right, and Eddy Bizzotto, Co-founders
Where Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy
Why Open new business opportunities pushing

 Marketing, new business, start-up. A range of services ranging from graphics to web design, from advertising campaigns management to web marketing strategies, from Seo optimization to social network management. All this with a dedicated team of about 140 people for the luxury, fashion and sports divisions.

Smart Age Solutions

Who Emmanuel Raheb, Founder
Where New York
Why One of the most cited agencies on social media on the New York market with an extensive portfolio of jewelry brands among its clientele

From searching for the most appropriate Seo to pay-per-click advertising, and, in the midst of all that, the potential to take advantage of the social world. This is the agency’s mission, a Premier Google Partner Specialized in Search Ads. Services for the jewelry sector include email marketing for jewelers and a specific Facebook group, The Intelligent Jeweler. 

  • Ashlery Galina Dudarenok

    Ashlery Galina Dudarenok

  • Bassel Bakdounes

    Bassel Bakdounes

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