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TKS, Marangoni, Natural Diamonds, Pietra, Twitch: the revolutionary names around the digital world

Social media has now become an indispensable corporate communication means at all levels to be integrated with more “traditional” forms of branding. And, in a sea of proposals, there are those that have exclusively targeted the jewelry world, becoming an accredited hub of information and a go-between among companies and the public at large. There are also some truly unexpected forms of advertising, like, for example, gaming platforms, fantastic new places where the click & pay concept acquires a new dimension.

The Smithee Group, Davide Dal Maso, Gem X, Hill & CoTKS, Marangoni, Natural Diamonds, Pietra Communications, Twitch

TKS, The Knowledge Society

Who Nadeem and Navid Nathoo, Founders
Where Toronto, Canada
Why Unlocking the full potential of young people to train olympic level Ceo's and innovators of the future

 The Knowledge Society is a human accelerator. Students learn about emerging technologies and sciences, develop foundational mindsets, and build tangible skills so they can make an impact on the world. TKS works on areas that need solving by the next generation of people who care about the future of humanity.

House of Istituto Marangoni

 Who Stefania Valenti, Managing Director of Istituto Marangoni
Where Milan
Why A virtual place to connect to and be constantly updated on fashion, design and art trends

 A recently launched digital platform, developed in collaboration with Vogue Italia, through which the Istituto offers multimedia content and interactive events, produced in its branches worldwide: a virtual window that promotes new fashion, design and art talents by sharing unprecedented creative proposals.

Natural Diamond Council

Title Kristina Buckley Kayel, Managing Director
Where New York
Why The Natural Diamond Council will reposition its consumer identity (formerly known as "Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond") under the brand name, "Only Natural Diamonds" (OND)

 «Our new digital platforms will inspire and inform consumers globally about the values and heritage of natural diamonds, as well as promoting the significant innovation happening throughout the world of diamond jewelry,» says Kristina Buckley Kayel, «the younger audience is clearly engaged and inspired when we present ourselves with authority in the digital world. It’s our aim to be number one across all digital platforms in our industry.» The new website is a digital platform and resource that includes feature articles from editorial jewelry veterans, as well as content from innovators. The launch of the Natural Diamond Council reflects the collective commitment of its members - Alrosa, De Beers, Dominion Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds, Murowa Diamonds, and Rio Tinto - to the growth of the industry going beyond the current economic crisis.

Pietra Communications

Who Olga Gonzalez, Ceo
Where New York
Why She is the only gemologist (FGA DGA) and appraiser with a communication agency specialized in promoting gems and jewelry

 In 2012, the gemologist Olga Gonzalez founded Pietra Communications, with the encouragement of clients, to pioneer and execute strategies that grow businesses in the gem and jewelry space through powerful storytelling and a strong digital footprint. Clients include jewelry designers, associations, suppliers, and retailers, B2B, B2C and D2C. She is a Past President of PRSA-NY (Public Relations Society of America), and the Chair of the inaugural 15 Under 35 Awards, the first awards honoring greater New York’s foremost talent and emerging leaders in communications. As the President Elect of the WJA New York Metro Chapter, she is the first two-time recipient of the Shining Star Award (2016 and 2018), and is currently working alongside the board to produce exceptional virtual programming and further advance diversity and inclusion initiatives for the industry.


 Who Adam Harris, Global Head, Brand Partnership Studio
Where London
Why The world's best known livestreaming gaming service to reach Gen Z users

A new way to reach a very young audience, a platform born for gaming, but now open to luxury fashion. A disruptive frontier for brands thanks to innovative integration services, partnership and sponsorship opportunities, with excellent results in terms of engagement.

  • Nadeem and Navid Nathoo, TKS

    Nadeem and Navid Nathoo, TKS

  • Olga Gonzalez, Pietra Communications

    Olga Gonzalez, Pietra Communications

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