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Auroform Monolith: Electroforming 4.0

Andrea Visentin, Marketing Manager of Nutec International, talks about the effectiveness of the Nutec Lab project and the consequent opening up of new markets for electroforming

Andrea Visentin has just returned from Algeria where he has started up a new Auroform Monolith plant, so there is no better way to prove that the market is recovering and, above all, that the definite revolution that this technology has caused in the electroforming sector is also being increasingly appreciated abroad. «We had already installed systems in Turkey, India, the Middle East and North Africa but this first step in Algeria means a lot, because it is the result of operations such as the creation of Nutec Lab and its promotional video showing how it was made. Nutec Lab was a dream come true for us, because it was a complex operation, carried out despite the many difficulties caused by the pandemic. And yet, now it is there, it is operational, and anyone who wants to test Auroform's potential for themselves has an area at their disposal with a fully functioning system. You only have to see it in operation to realize what it can do, all in total autonomy. Automation is, in fact, one of its strong points offering the possibility of having a plant 24/7 productive, without the need for a highly specialized technician and with the possibility of monitoring the process remotely. And that's just the beginning, because once the production process is underway, you are guaranteed extremely high quality and consistent and repeatable results, maximum savings in precious raw materials, lower production and maintenance costs, and an eco-sustainable aspect generated by the recycling of rinse water to replenish chemicals, as well as a significant reduction in precious metal loss. This is one of the reasons why Auroform has attracted the interest of foreign customers, especially from the Middle East, where tradition, taste and culture have led to the use of large-volume, gold-copper jewelry, both in the standard 8 to 22 kt range and in special sizes such as 15.7 kt for the Asian market. Therefore, being able to guarantee economic savings by using less precious raw materials is an incentive for absolute success.»

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