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Auroform Monolith: The Latest High-Tech Frontier

Auroform Monolith is the most advanced electroforming machine in the industry. Andrea Visentin, Marketing Manager at Nutec International, tells us about it

Electroforming is a technology known to the goldsmith sector for decades. However, for some time now, the industry has been able to count on a patent that has literally revolutionized it. We are talking about Auroform Monolith by Nutec International, which, in a nutshell, guarantees a series of factors that make it unique on the market. First and foremost, automation, which means that a plant can be productive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need of a highly specialized technician and the process can also be monitored remotely. Then, once the production process is underway, extremely high quality and consistent, repeatable results, maximum savings in precious raw materials, lower production and maintenance costs, and an eco-sustainable aspect generated by the recycling of rinse water for the reintegration of chemical substances, as well as a significant reduction in precious metal loss are guaranteed. To understand all these "X-factors", what better than to see Auroform at work. Where? At the "parent company". Nutec International, a permanent presence at Vicenzaoro, is located in the Vicenza gold district where theory gives way to practice and the technological features, the result of over thirty years' experience of a team of specialized technicians, whose focus has always been on electroforming, are field tested. So, while the trade show is the perfect place for an initial approach, it only takes 15 minutes to get to the Nutec Lab, a veritable hyper-technological hub, ideal for going into even more detail regarding operations, perhaps even creating an initial prototyping line.

«The success of the Lab, which has been in operation for a few months, lies in the opportunity to learn about all the advantages of electroforming in a direct, rapid and personalized manner and in our ability to support customers in their approach to this technique for the development of new articles,» says Visentin. «In these first 12 months, companies from various countries have toured our Lab. Not only sector leaders but also designers looking for a reliable partner to develop jewelry that finds its winning formula in innovation. We met some new customers at the Vicenzaoro September trade show, and we have started working together since then, also with a view to introducing electroforming systems at their production sites. That is why we will be present at TGold again in January. Then, in March, we will be participating at IJS, the Istanbul Jewelry Show, a crossroads between Europe, the Middle and Far East.» And so, the appointment for a full immersion into the world of latest-generation electroforming is from 21st to 26th January at TGold. For information and appointments,marketing@nutecint.eu

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